Why Females Squeal At The Sight Of A Big Penis!

http://572f6g8ahqat6w3xorm0x07dbf.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=UTMDWIMAT8BLOGI know you are like most dudes who possess an average penile size, you may feel a bit sad browsing through the title of this article, but the simple fact is that ladies find irresistible big penises. By the end of this article you are not going to be worried about that because of a tiny secret I will show you. I am positive that you know that females crave thick and long 'sexual members', permit me to explain a bit "why" they prefer sexual intercourse more when it is with a guy with a thick and long 'sexual member'.

Are you aware of the fact that a big penis is accepted as being more stronger than a petite or average penis in the eyes of the women? This is the number one cause why ladies ogle at huge 'sexual members'. This is something that is similar to the way dudes see women with big boobs and large butt. This same way you look with sexual desire the moment you see a big breasted and big buttocked woman is the exact situation with the females, when they see an erect big penis.

Females will forever prefer having sex with a man with a big penis than a man with a small or an average manhood, similar to how you will all the time opt for a pretty female to an average looking female.

A subsequent motive why girls love big penises is because it permits them to be ready to experiencing multiple orgasms. Every guy knows that the appearance of an erect thick and long 'sexual member' protruding out of a dude's pubic region is very enticing for so many females and this makes them go into overdrive.

The anticipation of having sexual intercourse with a fellow with a big penis permits so many women to go into overdrive. This allows them to be in the mood for penetration before foreplay even proceeds. Just the mere sight of a fellow's big penis does a lot in placing a female in the proper mode for exciting sessions of intercourse. This is well known thing all the ladies fantasize about.

The 3rd rationale why girls desire big penis has to do with the structure of the vagina. There are sexual nerve areas located encompassing the sides and deep into the vagina. The moment an erect petite or an average manhood is inserted in a female's vagina, there is notwithstanding enough area for friction. A big sexual member is capable of reaching deep into a woman's vagina and expanding her vagina by pressing her from all angles and granting her the enjoyment of being satisfied sexually.

Women Can Judge a Big Penis, Think Big and Make Your Penis Big Naturally

http://572f6g8ahqat6w3xorm0x07dbf.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=UTMDWIMAT8BLOGDoes the size of the penis matter in sex? This is one topic which has been debated over ages. Why is it that even though people say the size of the penis does not matter, thousands of dollars are spent on making the penis big. It is true that big is beautiful and even if women say penis does not matter, a big penis has a special sense of magnificence, pride and beauty attached to it, which a small one cannot equate. Call it perception, but the perception borders with reality. Big is beautiful, period. A woman will always REMEMBER with awe, gratitude and ecstacy of the big penis that she has experienced. Of course, it is equally important to know a big penis is of no use, if a man does not know how to use it.

The good news is it is possible to naturally make the penis big or enlarge it. The penis includes ligaments and many blood vessels which are filled with blood, which makes it erect. The penis is made up of 3 chambers, 2 large ones on the top which is the erectile tissue(Corpora Cavernosa) and a smaller chamber on the bottom, from which a man urinaes and ejaculates, also known as Corpus Spongisum. When you are sexually arousd, the brain senses the sexual stimulus and releases a hormone which results in the blood in the veins leading to the penis. The corpora Cavernosa is filled with blood and the penis is naturally enlarged, resulting in stiffer, thicker and throbbing erection.


Taking natural pills which contain aphrodisiacs, work for optimum penis size increase and penis performance. The natural ingredients work to increase the virility and sexual stamina, apart from making the penis big. The natural ingredients epxand the blood vessels in the penis, resulting in enriched blood flow, leading to the bigger size and shape of the penis. Basically, they work in the formation of nitrous oxide, a natural substance that produces an erection. Some of the natural ingredients are Pueraaria tuberosa which has been used since 200 years in German Pharmocopoeia as a powerful aphrodisiac while Asteracantha longifolia increases sexual stamina and vitality to the penis and overall sexual health. There is a natural herb called 'mucuna pruriens' which increases the sexual libido, and sexual performance. Gingo Biloba helps in increasing blood supply to the penis maintaining turgidity of the erection. Taking natural medication with natural ingredients can boost your sexual health and make your penis big naturally.